The crowd is always faceless

It becomes easier to merge in the crowd

Become one with the multitude

As a part of a mob you have no individual identity

Following others with herd mentality

Deaf to your own timid voice

Playing puppet to the one who pulls the strings

It is so easy to follow the lead and go with the flow

For under the cloak of anonymity

With conscience fast asleep

You can get away with almost anything

Yes, anything.

That is why it is difficult to stand solo

You are in the hot, glaring spotlight

You are singled out for your beliefs

For standing up for truth and probity

For daring to chart a lone path

When you stand forlorn, all alone

Yet, undaunted and firm

You are derided and crucified

You cease to be faceless.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Identity” July 13, 2020

73 thoughts on “Faceless

  1. don’t be a sheeple … this could be about me daring to stand alone … people are getting used to it. And I guess you will always stand up for what’s right too sis ❀

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  2. Oh, yes dear Punam…you describe perfectly how most of us live our lives …some are fearful to stand for truth…others are anxious of being singled out…but most just keep their silence and choose to be just one of the many.

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  3. Oh Punam, this is powerfully true! The fear of being singled out…it does take so much courage to be different that is authentically who you are. I LOVE the lines:

    For under the cloak of anonymity
    With conscience fast asleep
    You can get away with almost anything

    What is scarier – to be singled out or to have a conscience that is fast asleep?

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    1. It may be daunting to be singled out but I don’t think we could live with guilt of sleeping conscience, isn’t it?

      Irma, we may be scared but we will always be true to ourselves. Thanks so much.


  4. A heard of buffaloes, running reclessly, without a direction. No sense of what lies ahead.

    No graze or elixir, nor even the maidens in the heaven.

    A blindfold that doesn’t only cover the eyes, but the existence itself.


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  5. Another brilliant poetry that I love reading in a leisurely afternoon…

    Face is a misperceived identity of a thing or being…it lies more than hiding the truth…faceless has more faces….more to mingle with…more to find resemblance…more to differ…more to be in fun of playing with…never knowing who are the players and what the game is about….

    On a boring discourse, one can find Russell once dwelt upon an issue of “Citizenship and Individual”…he thought of a balance in between….more a social is dilution of thoughts…an averaging of excellence…strife and struggle…more an individual is a sage without a purpose….one has no escape on either side…the pain and the pill both are to survive in isolation and in association….

    Life may not be as generous as hope…it binds itself in invisible deeds…people searches for the bonds, not deeds….the weapons of deeds are deadly……they are the faces we wear…..how far we remain faceless, we bear the faces unknowingly….and walk through an invisible path of life….alone or together….battling or settling….striving or failing….living or dying….the walk has to go on….choice is only to know the faces and be bold on facing them…..

    Sorry to share my take away only from you pensive reflections..

    My best regards

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    1. I am always happy when you share your insights. The purpose of writing ( for me, at least) is to engage with the reader. And if this engagement leads to further ruminations, I feel blessed. So please, always do share your reflections.

      Fear does force us to do the unimaginable. Sometimes we confront it and at others, we hide behind it.

      As always, thanks a lot for your kind words.



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