Finally! free from the drudgery

of cleaning, sweeping, swabbing,

doing utensils in four households

her heart exhilarated!

but loss of monetary independence

now dependence on dwindling doles

perturbations pained her mind!

The thing that bothered her most

a housemaid for the menial chores

lockdown gave her the chance

to break this last shackle of injustice!

but mired in all the chores from morn till night

she wonders

where her “own” independence has disappeared!

53 thoughts on “Contrast

  1. One person’s freedom is another person’s captivity…very well put, Punam! If there is a silver lining to the pandemic it’s learning what are the things truly necessary for us to”live”.

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  2. slavery is so subjugating that I’m not sure they know what freedom means …

    and Ivor is right we are all subjugated to one form of servitude or another … materialism, fanatical beliefs, ego … the list is endless but this we do to ourselves πŸ™‚

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    1. Slavery can be…
      But housemaids here are not slaves. We consider the work they do lowly, which is wrong.

      Ivor is definitely right…we willingly surrender our independence sometimes!


  3. Ha! It is the other side of the coin – doing what is needed for ourselves with no reward (monetary or otherwise) versus doing the same for others resulting in an income. I think that is why the plumber’s sink always leaks!

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  4. Change is visible with equal participation from all members of the household. But I’m sure things will slip back once normalcy is restored.

    I asked in a FB post which new habits they would like to continue, and many guys said ‘the art of making rotis’

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  5. Things are shifting in many ways. Service jobs have suffered more than most. The hardware store I use to maintain mower and snowblower had a guy in his 80’s doing pickup and dropoff service for the customers. They had to tell him no more now because of the risk to his health. What’s most frustrating is the lack of choice because maybe he would have decided to keep working with a face mask, but they took the choice away from him “for his own good.” I can see both sides of it. The virus is in control 😦

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  6. Nice social commentary poem. I think 80% of people earning a living would describe their job as drudgery and soul-destroying. It’s the civilization we have built. We rely on a unit of currency to survive. How we choose to earn it is up to us. There is no bad job. Honest work is honest work…and we should do the best job we can.

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  7. The commotion inside a maids head deciphered rightly. The truth it is. Alas! money is the need a we have carved our lives this way. It hurts but is the truth. Independence thus is sacrificed. 😦

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