Sea and surf

Amidst the downtime that he thought he was enjoying

it called out to him intermittently at first

he brushed it aside as his mind playing tricks

when he heard the sweet song of sirens!

disregarding it, he busied himself fixing things

but it became incessant, as time went by

the roar and the quiet of the surf crashing all around him

waking him in the middle of the night

keeping him on tenterhooks

he looked at the woman lying next to him

her arm curled around his waist

a serene, sweet look on her face,

oblivious to his burgeoning turmoil

unaware that the sea was serenading him

inveigling him surreptitiously

torn between the two, he felt helpless

like watching sand slip through fingers

a heavy weight keeping him anchored

while his soul was writhing to experience

the salt spray on his face, the cool breeze in his hair

as well as the white crested cyan expanse around him

away from the quotidian caterwauling

into the serene tranquility and the company of the porpoises,

oh, the porpoises!

beckoning him and enticing him

bit by bit he was like the living dead

she noticed the faraway look in his eyes

suddenly in the throes of passion

his withdrawal and his cacophonous silence

she did not want to live a half life

with the shell of the man she loved

thus she released him

to go back into the arms of his first love

The sea.

Written for Kate’s Friday fun.

61 thoughts on “Sea and surf

  1. Seems that is the age old story of the lure of the sea. It is said that once you have been rocked in the bosom of the deep you will never be able to resist the call to come home…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh gosh, 5-Star-WOW’s, Punam. You just keep exceeding Excellence. This was breathtaking. Impossible to choose a fave line or phrase…but I haven’t given you one in awhile so I’ll pick, “cacophonous silence”–wowza!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think many a ‘navy’ man feels such. I have always loved the oceans waters myself.
    One reason our home on the edge of a suburban development has a little creek on the back border.
    Not quite the salted sea, but water is water 😉

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      1. Could be that I have a water sun-sign.
        I’d still be a rebel mer-person though.
        I’ve always thought if I could breathe under water that is where I’d be living… at least part of the time 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ve got enough laugh(life) lines now… so extra wrinkles wouldn’t bother me 😀
        Besides I think you’d only get wrinkly when you get out of the water…

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