words pirouette and tantalize

then bolt and disappear

syllables naughtily roll off my tongue

refusing to be counted correctly

thoughts are a jumbled ball of yarn

wickedly inviting me to unravel

ideas flit around like birds

tempting me to cage them

similes flutter on the edge of my mind

metaphors evade my grasp mockingly

I let them be

On others…

words string themselves into sentences

to flow seamlessly from my quill

thoughts and ideas are coherent and concrete

falling neatly into words

similes and metaphors adorn my writing willingly

nary a sign of delinquency

respecting the process

I try not to force the flow.



I give below three phrases

  1. Writer’s platform
  2. Writer’s Cave
  3. Writer’s Reality

Choose one or more to elaborate on your writing journey – not necessarily through this phase. It could be anything that happened before, or you foresee as happening after this.

59 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Such a skillfully crafted and evocative piece.
    Quite relatable as well. It makes me think about my own process of writing and how I find it easy writing on some days, yet challenging on others. I’m glad for having had the chance to read this beautiful poem.

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  2. Somedays…

    words pirouette and tantalize

    then bolt and disappear…

    That made me giggle and smile as it is so true….i even sometimes wake up in the middle of the night because a really lovely verse is in my head…so i had to write it down..or when i am driving i’d ask my to record the line….thank you Punam you capture that so well..

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  3. I think you keep your words on excellent behaviour at all times, but I know what you mean about trying not to force the flow. I loved these lines:

    “similes and metaphors adorn my writing willingly
    nary a sign of delinquency”

    Those delinquent prone words flourish within your guidance ❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lol! I am a hard task master! 😂
      There are some days when I want to write but cannot.
      But then when I write, the generosity with which my words meet leaves me so grateful. Thank you so very much, dear. ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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