For you

“Smile”, said the photographer

and on his call

I smiled only for you

I had to overcome the last minute panic

but had to do it, for you

it is not the understated kind

I gave it all I had

as you hold the photograph

I hope that my arresting smile

will stop you from looking further

I don’t want you to notice

that that smile doesn’t reach my eyes

that my long sleeved dress hides my bruises

that the scars on my soul are invisible

that the constant pain I am in

is camouflaged by

the smile

you will cherish this photo forever, I know

thus don’t want you to have an inkling

of what I am put through everyday

so I smile.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Cherish” – May 18, 2020

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge–May 19, 2020

90 thoughts on “For you

  1. Oh gosh, Punam, this shattered my heart…I pray ( and suspect) it’s just fiction. Your writing is alchemical–thrusts its (your) hand deep into my heart and twists, lest I miss the force of the message.

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      1. Well, my heart goes out to your friends–and my prayers, as well, that God will comfort them and show them the GOOD HE HAS PLANNED FOR THEM YET. And always, much love to you, dear Punam 💖


      1. for many it may well mean death, they are truly trapped and I don’t think most of us really understand that!

        One famous footballer here doused his ex and three toddlers with fuel as she drove them to school. People witnessed them burning but still no action … our laws are written by men for men!
        They choose whether to enforce them or not …

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      2. oh no he killed himself at that location so everyone just shrugged and walked away … today another 27yo has been stabbed to death by hubby in their home.

        The men are protected and guess it’s easier than divorce …

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      3. not until men deem it unacceptable and pressure other men into better more humane behaviour! At the moment they are right out of control with nothing and nobody to hinder their slaughter of partner and children …

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      4. agreed but women have been doing everything in their power but men are Never going to give up their control … the good ones are too intimidated to stand up and be counted.

        What would you suggest?

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      5. hey even if it takes one generation it’s still worth it …
        but their kids are also subjected to ongoing violence in the home and they know who wins …. so how do you change those mindsets of very damaged little people?

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  2. “And images of family and friends, but they’re all smiling as if nothing’s wrong.
    Oh how we mysteriously grin, for that camera pointed at our souls of song.”

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  3. Gosh Punam, the pain of the smile that hides…. that’s the thing, appearances can be so deceiving, we can never know what someone goes through. Smiles can hide so many things. This poem is so powerful, I loved it. ❤️❤️

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    1. You are right, Rachel. Our smiles are the front we present to the world as well as to our loved ones at times. Only the heart knows what it is going through.
      Thank you so much, my dear. ❤️❤️

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  4. that the constant pain I am in

    is camouflaged by

    the smile”….arrrggghh this is so painful Punam..i have interviewed women and children who are victims of abuse and violence and this is a common denominator: they are hiding their pain through their smiles..

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  5. Powerful poem… though it really worried me for you, at first. Very glad to read in the comments that it was fiction. Though awful for you (and them) if you, as you say, have friends that suffer it. I can’t imagine that. I don’t think I could bear it without changing it somehow. Wonderful that you are there to support them… and I hope they manage to find help soon. Hugs, Punam.

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    1. So sweet of you to be worried about me, Nadine! It is awful for those who are going through this. I am there for my friend but she has to summon the courage to walk away.
      Always grateful for your hugs, dear. ❤️🌷


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