Jackie, the king!

And now for our daily prompt (optional, as always). Today, I challenge you to write a paean to the stalwart hero of your household: your pet. Sing high your praises and tell the tale of Kitty McFlufflefaceโ€™s ascension of Mt. Couch. Let us hear how your intrepid doggo bravely answers the call to adventure whenever the leash jingles.

He was the king of all he haughtily surveyed
ensconced in his drool covered and gnawed-handle favourite chair
he looked saintly with his tawny forehead bearing a white tuft in the centre
just like a tilak* on holy men’s forehead.

His bark was ferocious,
in actuality he was a lamb, following mum everywhere
one click of tongue by dad
and he would stand ramrod still!

Frolicking with us in the mud
splattering water all over during bath time
the steady thump of his tail
when we returned from school
and his chocolate gaze begging for treats
had made us all his willing, fawning subjects.

Thus when he abdicated his throne
dogarchy retired forever from our home.

*tilak : a mark worn by a Hindu on the forehead to indicate caste, status, or sect, or as an ornament.

Yayy! This poem is the featured poem for this prompt. You can read about it here.


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