Inspiration, a bird

For days I stared at the blank page, contemplative,

as I tried to gather the universe in metaphors

pen paralyzed, poised plaintively

words voiceless, suddenly amiss

endless time on hand stretching like a lazy cat

wasted on a futile pursuit of awol ideas

left high and dry by the secretive, masquerading muse

disgusted with the fickle-minded creativity

I wander off to the balcony, my favourite perch

only to be met with the baleful gaze of

the occasional visitor, the one-eyed crow

the nearby mango tree is half stooping

laden with flowers and a bevy of brown bulbuls

who trill merrily, a chorus so uplifting

that I stand there transfixed, as they soar and alight

uncaring of the murder of crows that has gathered

no question of a parley between the two parties

I decide to be a neutral observer

after a hectic and raucous conference

the crows cede space and fly away

the bulbuls fill my heart with a fluttering of their wings

I know now why my caged soul has lost the courage to soar

this once in a lifetime situation has clipped my wings

but my voice is very much in my control

and one day I will surely sing.

Friday Fun – now

60 thoughts on “Inspiration, a bird

  1. Another 5-Star, Triple-Wow piece! I love “awol ideas” and “masquerading muse”–super!!! And the finale…so good, part plaintive/poignant–and determinedly hopeful–HURRAY!!!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. And I love to hand them out to worthy writers, haha!! You’re an amazing writer, easy and enjoyable to read everyday!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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  2. I’m all eyes for your poem and mango tree, Punam. I hope those birds leave some fruit for you. Apparently the red-whiskered bulbul is a notifiable pest species in Australia! So glad they are friends where you live because they look awfully sweet.
    Thanks for linking into the Corvid-2020 weekly challenge.

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    1. Tracy, I won’t get any fruits! Those on the ground floor lay claim to it. Pests!! They do look very sweet. We don’t see them here very often. In fact many Indian cities are seeing birds not seen earlier.
      My pleasure, dear.


  3. My heart soared as I read this a Punam, and it kept soaring until I reached the amazing ending of this beautiful poem:

    β€œthis once in a lifetime situation has clipped my wings
    but my voice is very much in my control
    and one day I will surely sing.”

    I don’t believe you will ever stop singing dear friend and your heart will always reach the heights of that mango tree. And what a beautiful luscious tree it is. I’m feeling very lucky to see this. My first mango tree!! β™₯️β™₯️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rachel, your words have the power to uplift the ordinary to something special!
      It is a huge, lovely tree! ( though my pic does no justice to it)
      Thank you so much, dear. ❀️❀️


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