My beloved

Today, I challenge you to write a poem that features forgotten technology. Maybe it’s a VCR, or a rotary phone. A cassette player or even a radio.

My infatuation started in school

as I stepped into teenage

I was so enamoured that

I wanted to stay close to you all the time,

never letting you out of sight, holding tight

you also became my mentor, my partner in crime,

hand in hand we doodled around

you were the instrument that opened my shy heart

with you by my side, I became an articulate warrior

slaying with words those who differed with me

you did leave your marks on me; blue and black

that was, in my opinion, a small price to pay

our togetherness was often termed messy and undesirable

which understandably made me indignant

but the spark that you ignited in me

has made me a poet today

and we stayed in close proximity

despite the obstacles and criticism

prized memories of those times

are still there in my trusty journal

now age has finally caught up with you

lately things have not been too good between us

I can scarcely decipher our cacography

you are often overwhelmed or underwhelmed

unable to maintain your equilibrium

as I move ahead to embrace new technology

it is time to lay you to rest, dearest fountain pen

rest in peace my first ever love

I have found your replacement in the keyboard!

44 thoughts on “My beloved

  1. Oh the cherished fountain pen. I had this inkling it was a fountain pen that you were referring to. Guess what I still use them, a blue, black and red 🙂

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  2. I absolutely love love love this poem and challenge, Punam! Much love to you, and thanks so much, for sharing. I too had these older-tech friends, pen and paper, through which my teenage ink was laid blaring. ;)) :)) ❤ xoxoxo

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  3. I love how you kick off your poem as if you were refering a young made me giggle and had me romantacized

    But oh, dear that that the one with the pointed angle? To which only the gifted can use it? I had difficulty using them…

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