The brink

Our prompt for the day (optional as always) asks you to peruse the work of one or more of these twitter bots, and use a line or two, or a phrase or even a word that stands out to you, as the seed for your own poem.

I take my inspiration today from:

I think I may rise out of bed today

a futile wrangle with the tangle of sheets ensues

the din in my head has dulled the colours of my mind

I don’t know where the sunshine has disappeared

I fall back again, unable to bear the weight of existing

as the strands of my mind unspool in untidy heaps

it is no surprise my once graceful thoughts

are in shambolic shambles,

but they are hardly contrite as they hurtle me

spiralling crazily down an abyss

perspicacity, the hallmark of my sharp mind

hunkers in dark, musty alleys of despair

there is no neon sign to tell me where I am

no light at the end of this never-ending tunnel

as I pull the sheet over my head

a sweet sound knocks at my dithering consciousness

lethargy pins my limbs immobile

but the persistent magpie robin perches on my balcony

calling me in dulcet, captivating tones

clarity descends on me removing all veils of uncertainty

at this precise moment I know where I am

and ready to start my journey all over again.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – “Captivating” – April 6, 2020

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Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge–April 7, 2020


59 thoughts on “The brink

  1. I happy that bird’s captivating call pulled you out of that state of mind. Our brains seem to become cluttered or disarranged. I find things slip my mind more and more which is quite frustrating. Good poetic expressions. Stay heathy!


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