New normal

Yesterday night I caught a star

gazing at me unabashedly

wide eyed and delighted

I tried to catch it in my hands

it twinkled and pulsated merrily

winking at me, it guided me outdoors

other stars clamoured for my attention

festooning my balcony in fairy lights, prettily

the pallid moon sulked and stomped

becoming fiercely belligerent

but it could not dim the brightness of stars

I had to finally shoo her away, didsgustedly!

At dawn, on countless branches of swaying trees,

myriad birds chirruped and warbled sweetly

creating a symphony I had long forgotten,

making my heart join in spontaneously!

The breeze teased my hair and tousled it

the wind chime trapezed gracefully

under the bluest of blue skies

a majestic kite glided lazily!

The roads are empty and quiet

no snaking, hot, metallic queues

no harried drivers screaming angrily

no screeching tyres or blaring horns

in this quietude, I can hear the bees humming happily

and leaves rustling luxuriously!

No scry is needed to see what the future holds

happy I am in my abode of meagre belongings collected lovingly

I am with my loved ones and those who matter

I care not for the things I have given up willingly

I quiz not with whys, hows and whens

I have to confess; I am alive, I breathe, I ask no more gratefully!


95 thoughts on “New normal

  1. loved the contentment at the end and the sweet words that opened your poem Punam. it is quiet and clean and peaceful here for now. Home is a blessed place to be, no matter the size or condition, we have a place. I think the moon is jealous of you and your wonderful words.

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  2. “festooning my balcony in fairy lights” and “the wind chime trapezed gracefully” are my 2 fave picks today!! I love the word “festooning”–and that a wind chime “trapezed” is totally Brilliant!!

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      1. Neither blue nor stressed, my dear! I wrote “cheer up” because I meant they always make me happy. 😊
        See, small slips show English is my second language! 😄


      2. Oh, I’m just glad and grateful you’re not feeling “down” 🙂 And may I say that your poetry is so stellar, none would guess English is your 2nd language–always WOW’s me!! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thanks, Tracy. I am used to isolation and with all the human activities on mute, nature is speaking to me. I have a lot to rant about but if my rants can’t reach those whom I am ranting about, I might as well share life affirming thoughts with those who matter most. I am glad that the serenity I am enjoying reached you. ❤️

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  3. You described the ‘new normal’ in such beautiful and appreciative ways. I felt like I could feel the images you used in the poem, they are so vivid.

    It’s wonderful dear friend, and I hope you are well ♥️♥️

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      1. I always loved the early morning hours in Mysore…so cool and quiet, and then the sounds, women coming out to sweep, birds calling, calls to prayer—a crescendo of awakening …and then the rickshaws! Haha the blaring horns! 🙃💓

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      2. Mysore is a beautiful city. Yes, you have described the early morning scene perfectly. 😄
        Nina, I am curious where all have you been in India and how long were you here? Please, answer only if you don’t mind. 🙏🏼

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      3. I don’t mind at all, thank you for asking, Punam. 😊 My husband and I arrived in Mysore early 2001 to study yoga with Shr. K Pattahbi Jois. We lived in a modest home on a quiet street and got to the know the neighborhood children quite well! They called us “Foreign Uncle and Foreign Auntie” and sometimes they called me “Kali” which always made me giggle. We even cared for a very sweet street dog who came into our lives—Juanita.

        We traveled to Nepal (during the 9/11 attacks) spending 6 weeks there. Benares to Chennai by train to Pondicherry back to Mysore just in the nick of time before riots broke out and trains tracks set on fire! But we were safe. We also traveled to Ooty by motorcycle through the mountains…and many day trips in and around Mysore. Chamundi Hill being a favorite! So many places left unseen.

        We stayed until 2005 and then returned to America. I have so many fond memories of Mysore and Pattahbi Jois and all the different people we met…and monkeys, elephants, green parrots and blue butterflies…
        A truly wonderful and sometimes extremely difficult experience! And still, we practice our yoga daily. 🙏🏻

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      4. Aww—thank you, Punam that is sweet of you to say. 😊 I’m glad we have met here.
        Those children are all grown up now—they touched my heart forever. 🙏🏻💓🙏🏻

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  4. “happy in my abode of meagre fare but with my loved ones
    I care not for the things I have given up
    I quiz not with whys, hows and whens
    I have to confess; I am alive, I breathe, I ask no more.”


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