She sat on the stairs

Clutching her teddy

Her eyes on the road

Waiting for dear daddy.

Her eyes wandered around

A sea of faces around her swarmed

Her school bag heavy with books

Bewildered, she waited for her mom.

As she played in the park

Her gaze fixed on the gate

She participated listlessly

All the while, in best friend’s wait.

She paced restlessly in the college campus

Glancing every then and now at her watch

He was late like always to pick her up

She waited for the one who was her perfect match.

It was already time for kids to return

But she could hear no footsteps outside

Her ears strained to hear their voices

As she sat waiting for the apples of her eyes.

It was later than the usual office timing

She sat resignedly on the armchair

It was becoming a habit of late

To wait for her husband, but it was difficult to bear.

She stood in the balcony, as if carved out of stone

He was late yet again in spite of warning

She knew not what she could do

There was no debating, her pampered son was erring.

And so it went on like this for her

Till on her deathbed one day she lay

Everyone prayed for her pain to end

But she knew she would have to wait for another day.

52 thoughts on “Never-ending

  1. How brilliant…the cycle of never ending waiting in its finest….i love this Punam..i am actually trying to recall if i have been through all those “waitings”.

    Liked by 1 person

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