The stirrings are slow and sporadic

yet sustained

simmering just beneath the surface

a festering blister under smooth alabaster skin

centuries of civilization

can make hatred appear moribund

as it lies dormant and prone

on the edge of consciousness

then all it takes is a slight nudge

a graze gone wrong

making it come alive with gusto

taking possession like the devil himself

manifesting itself out there in the open

inhaling deeply

not the aromatic, heady scents of compassion

but the dank, putrid smell of animosity

hatred unclad and raw, in bare-bones

scorches in its intensity

frightens in its ugliness

and corrodes completely!

39 thoughts on “Hatred

  1. Unfortunately, some of our leaders (Donald Trump comes to mind) are stoking the flames of hatred and focusing on our differences, separating us, instead of uniting us.

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      1. there will always be good kind hearted people who wont follow that crowd, trust that your children will certainly embrace diversity. There are more ways to learn than modi …

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  2. Powerfully expressed! Hatred not only erodes the hater but everything in its path. Hate is a four-letter word that should be banned. An outstanding and timely piece. Thank you for participating.

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  3. Such an incredible description of the evil and destruction of hatred. I especially liked how you conveyed how it can lie there, just waiting for that inevitable nudge into ugly manifestation. Brilliant! ❤️❤️

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