The decade tag 2010-2020

I have been tagged by Sadje for The Decade Tag.

The Creator of The Decade Tag is Jesusluvsall’s Blog

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Share some highlights for you over the past decade and if you want, a few low points.

The last decade was one of slackening the frenetic pace a bit. Hubby stayed home for longer stretches. The kids entered teenage (sans the misplaced angst!)
I saw many in the family from the previous generation pass away. But the highlight was decidedly reuniting with school friends, all thanks to the social media. There are eighty of us in touch with each other and last year most of us together attended a few weddings of the kids of friends.

How are you planning to spend the next decade in improving your health?

Well, taking care of health, in earnest, started last decade with hubby being diagnosed with high blood pressure. I plan to continue with mindful eating and regular walks.

Have you noticed your tastes in music, literature and clothing change drastically over the last 10 years?

I wouldn’t call the change in my tastes drastic but yes, they have changed gradually.
I have started listening more to blues and folk music.
As far as books are concerned, I have lost my appetite for huge tomes. I prefer shorter, quick reads now.
My sartorial choices have become more in favour of bolder colours.

How would you rate your last decade in terms of achieving life goals?

Goals keep changing…you achieve one, there are others in its place! So yes, last decade was good but there are miles to go…

Do you think our planet will be doing well in the next decade?

I don’t want to sound like a carping Cassandra but looking at our leaders, I am filled with pessimism.
But common people fill me with hope and I do pray the collective efforts will make our planet more inhabitable.

Thank you for the tag, Sadje. Anyone interested in answering Sadje’s questions, please have a go.

20 thoughts on “The decade tag 2010-2020

  1. Ah… the highs and lows of the decade, and you are making those necessary changes (for the better) that midlife brings upon us… … as for I’m another decade older, that’s a bonus these days…. xxx

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