They say it is not discriminatory

They say people are overreacting

They say they just want a piece of paper

They say it is as simple as that

But the mind boggles

How the numerous papers issued by them

Mean nothing now

A paper that I don’t have

Is supposed to establish my identity

I watch the slow death

Of democracy in broad daylight.

You can read about the provocation for this verse here.

39 thoughts on “Citizenry

  1. yes it broke my heart that religious discrimination could be so blatant … democracy died sometime ago I fear 😦
    Well said Punam, your heart is really in this one

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  2. Punam, I’ve been distracted here. Sorry. What horror is this? I had to read the material in the link several times to make sense of this. I hope you are not caught up in this but that it is poem written with compassion, because this cannot end well for the many people, Muslim or otherwise who will find themselves in extreme hardship with no where to go.

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    1. I can understand your distraction, Tracy. Please don’t apologise. It is horrifying to say the least. I am not directly affected by it BUT this is against our constitution, so it affects us all. For more details you can read about it here
      and here
      Thank you so much for your concern.

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  3. My dear Punam… I share your outrage, it makes me wonder how such things could ever ever be justified and come about. There are too many examples of that throughout history.

    “I watch the slow death
    Of democracy in broad daylight.”


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      1. You do a wonderful job of writing about these issues, I am very grateful of it. Our international media can be ‘scant’ so I deeply appreciate you drawing my attention to these matters. Keep writing!! ❤️❤️

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      1. A pleasure Punam, I am reading a book titled A Ticket to India. It tells of the Partition in such simple detail. But with the sadness one who has been thru it can understand the splitting of a nation. Your words echo the young prota3in the book as she wonders about the decisions made by politicians over her future. Always enjoy your words of knowledge.

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      2. I am half way thru now and it is really engrossing. Meant for a young reader but with information I think adults will appreciate. The journey of the grandmother sets the stage for the family drama, and it unfolds with much excitement. I hope to finish by the weekend.

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  4. Dear Punam, I’ve read the relevant sections of original citizenship act along with the CAA. And I honestly don’t understand what government is trying to achieve.

    So, they’ve relaxed norms for certain minorities entered before 31/12/14. Meaning these people have to prove residence for 6 years instead of normal 12.
    Excluded minorities can gain citizenship by naturalisation if they prove their residence for 12 years. All minorities entered after the cut off date have to complete their stay of 12 years to get citizenship by naturalisation.

    What are they trying to achieve I don’t know. I think this amendment was completely unnecessary.

    The bigger crime is the way both sides, student leaders are busy trying to exploit the issue for their political gain.

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  5. I am so glad you wrote about this
    I will be posting all my poems related to this issue soon.And I am more happy to read the comments here.In last few days I lost many good friends who thought I would as wrong as I was against caa nrc.But there are some humans like you who still understand what is right and what is wrong. Thank you so much 💖💖💖

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    1. My dear, one should always raise a voice against what is wrong! Losing fair weather friends is a small price.
      Tu yahan share kar. Duniya ko pata lage kya ho raha hai.
      Always a pleasure. 🤗🤗❤️❤️

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  6. It’s horrible. Discrimination is horrible. In so many forms. Even here in Texas to renew drivers license women have to have birth certificate and marriage license (to prove name change) even if you have had a drivers license for 60+ years. Here it is voter suppression.

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  7. I did hear about this issue and was horrified that it passed. It seems in your country and mine, that the people who are supposed to know the constitution and uphold it really don’t give a damn about anything besides their own interests. We must continue to protest these injustices in whatever form we can. I am heartened that you have raised your voice and I will join mine to yours.

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