Things with faces

World peace has a beatific face
but we are told it needs
the protection of horrors of war
love has an alluring face
but wears a mask of indifference
for it is afraid of rejection and ridicule
the face put forth by fear is that of disdain
it is loath to reveal its insecurities
the face of truth sparkles with divine light
buttressed by courage and conviction
but deceit wears a face so cunningly naive
lulling most into a false sense of faith and security
beliefs and things with faces all around
or is it faces with masks
so difficult to say these days!

42 thoughts on “Things with faces

  1. Pure poetic brilliance here Punam, I LOVE your opening lines:

    “World peace has a beatific face
but we are told it needs
the protection of horrors of war”

    Wow, that runs so deep. It is such a great fallacy isn’t it, that peace is gained through war. Your face Punam beautifully sparkles with intelligence and your way with words. Love this ❤️❤️

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  2. I love what you have done here! I so wish I had thought of it myself. What a beautiful and striking way to comment on peace, war, love, etc. Were I not an honorable man, Punam, I would steal your idea. But quite unlucky for me, I set aside Fridays to be honorable. Drats!

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  3. Society encourages us to hide and keep our feelings inside, it forces us to choose to wear many masks….a hideous and foreboding game we play. Why are we so ashamed to be openly our truest self no matter the situation in life’s current season we’re dealt?

    Okay that was a fun open reaction to share to a moving poem Punam my dear, thank for stirring my heart in a passionate way! 😊 💕 🤗

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    1. I always love your spontaneous responses, Jenna! 😘 I am so glad my words stirred your passionate heart.
      I too wonder why we can’t share our true selves wholeheartedly!
      Thanks a lot, my dear! 😊💞

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      1. 😁 I’m gl my dear Punam! 💕🤗

        It’s truly a shame, we should be able to be our truest selves in any situation. It’s something I try hard to do and not to allow other’s responses to both me. Though, as a sensitive soul this has always been a challenge as I always wanted others approval. Now I’m working on learning and accepting not everyone is my cup of tea, nor am I always going to be their’s, and that’s perfectly ok. 😉💞🤗

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      2. It’s definitely a challenge at times, but I’m learning that a thick skin and soft heart can truly blend beautifully if I’m willing to take a risk, just like with colors can surprise us and go so well together.😉🤗💗

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