A dragon’s life

Silhouetted against the orchid sky
Spreading her violet tipped cerulean wings
She is poised to take off in to the dusk
Into the village at the edge of the woods
Her basket tucked firmly between her feet
To carry back the yield of her visit
She has no regrets of what she is now
No longer a fire-breathing omnivorous dragon
She has become a strict vegetarian to save this world.

I respond better to word prompts than picture prompts. While Hêlène was alive, I never responded to her prompts but always enjoyed various contributions to her picture prompts. She was always very generous with her praise whenever she visited my blog.

This is my heartfelt homage to Hélène and her quirky sense of humour.

Thank you Sadje for this opportunity.

What do you see- Prompt # 1

21 thoughts on “A dragon’s life

    1. I know! I was going to write about the copious amounts of water she is drinking but that would make all the rivers go dry!!
      Sigh…I guess it would be better for her to revert to her fire-breathing omnivore ways!


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