Peace within

Day 31: Peace within

What is the rush, why the hurry
Why chase after a chimera
That will only bring grief
Ain’t you tired of running against the time
Can’t you see the sand slipping through your fingers
That elusive contentment comes quite cheap
But you are too blinded to see the secret door
The door that leads you within
There is an oasis of peace there
Untouched by the chaos and mayhem around
When the world gets too much to bear
Turn inwards to calm yourself
Being at peace with self is not easy
One has to forever be a learner
But the first step is to stop deconstructing self
And accept the warts for what they are
Serenity descends with the acceptance
That you have only one you to work on
And as you work bit by bit
The chaos will begin to dim
Stop seeking answers outside
Your questions are for self
Embrace yourself, as the adage says
And you may find peace within.

( Written for OctPoWriMo)


33 thoughts on “Peace within

  1. Punam, congratulations on finishing the challenge, and thank you for writing your heart and soul, and sharing your beautiful words and wisdom with us.
    This poem provoked one of those β€œoh, Punam is so wise” moments, you have a special serenity and integrity about you that shines through your writing. I loved this line:
    β€œSerenity descends with the acceptance…”
    Perhaps that’s where your serenity comes from, the acceptance of what is within. And then you grace it on us readers through your poetry and comments on other’s work too. Thank you, dear friend ❀️❀️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish I could take credit for my so called ‘wisdom’! Thank you, for your generous words, thank you for taking time to read and thank you for being here. I derive my strength from the wonderful people, like you, around me. As long as words don’t desert me, I will always share them here. Love you, Rachel. ❀️❀️


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