Mother’s fury

Day 14: Mother Earth

Gently lapping and nurturing the kindred

She is usually serene and welcoming

Choppy it becomes when the moon bids

On the shoulders of the beach she comes crashing

The sea gives and gives as much as she can

But cannot take indiscriminate trashing!

Thus, as the sun meets the horizon

And the breeze is sultry and warm,

The glassy sea hides in its womb

Seeds of calamity and harm

The ochre hue splashed across,

Warns of an unsettled calm.

The cacophony of the birds above

Indicates an uneasy restlessness

The eye cannot perceive

Nature chafing at its harness

The innards start rolling

But the surface reflects calmness.

Suddenly it loses all control

Wave after wave and another

The sea’s fury is eventually unleashed

It is partial to none as it rumbles all over

Relentless in its pursuit of prey

To avenge wrongs wrought on it forever.

On and on it crashes unabated

The wounds inflicted leaving all shattered

Shorn of all it had possessed

Humanity stands beaten and battered

Clobbered and thoroughly defeated

Faith, irredeemably tattered.

The predator has now been preyed upon

In the humble justice of order

Men stand bereft of all material possessions

Clutching helplessly each other

The sea returns unrepentant

Finally, it has restored order.

(Written for OctPoWriMo)

27 thoughts on “Mother’s fury

  1. Oh my goodness–standing ovation from me, poet friend! I can’t even select some favorite lines/phrases to note this time, as each word and weaving is so rich and full…fabulous work!

    Liked by 1 person

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