Exams never made me nervous
When I was a young student like you
I rarely toiled very hard
But never let marks be my bugaboo!

The trick, my dear, is to convince yourself
That you know all that is there to know
If you find a question you cannot answer
Life will still go on, just so.

High marks are no criteria of success
Follow your heart in whatever you do
Your choices make you what you are
Life is not about feeling blue.

I am thankful for your presence in my life
I want you to be just you
When confronted by the monster of exams
Take a deep breath and say a loud boo!

(I wrote this for my daughter a couple of years ago. She gets very nervous during exams and I was trying to tell her that exams are no big deal. I don’t know if this verse made any difference, for I just wanted to make her laugh! But she no longer goes blank on looking at the question paper, so maybe it helped!)

45 thoughts on “Exams

      1. It is. Thank you so much, Andrew for your best wishes.

        On a different note, I read Fiery’s A Lonely Kind of Beautiful and remarked how much I liked the title! She said,” You should tell Andrew that”
        So Andrew, I would like you to know I liked the title inspired by you. 😊

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  1. Yes it’s hard to get a young mind stress free about exams, and there’s a lot of pressure on them to do well and succeed …… hopefully she’ll learn how to cope with the stress, and that comes with a bit of self confidence and believing that you’ve studied hard enough to get through……. xxx

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  2. If you find a question you cannot answer
    Life will still go on, just so.

    I LOVE this, wish I’d realized it when I was young… Blessings to you ❀

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  3. Good job of being Mom!! loved your line – Your choices make you what you are!! My advice was to always study hard and then just do your best! Then you have done all you can do and you can not be afraid!

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