Star gazing

Day 10: Touch

Star-gazing assumes a new meaning

with you by my side

we forsake the chic hotel room

to lie on the viridescent grass

feeling its dewy, springiness

on our bare skin

the woollen warmth of your suit jacket

supports our scalp scratchily

As we lie under the shimmering canopy of stars

you trace your favourite constellation

on my bronze bare back

trying to fit in the mole

setting fire with your trailing fingers

Then you trace another and another

while I hold the crescent moon in my palm

with only the night owl for company

in the warm embrace of the night

star-gazers own the sky

waiting for dawn to make a splash

with a touch of pink and orange.

(Written for OctPoWriMo)

42 thoughts on “Star gazing

  1. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, Punam–you are ever Brilliant. I couldn’t even pick a fave word/phrase because it’s all perfection. Hope you are well ❀

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      1. It’s been a rough year, but God is faithful and never leaves us–thus, things are much improved as we round the bend, heading for a new year soon. I’m glad and grateful to hear that you are keeping well. Much love ❀

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  2. A beautiful scenario. Except I am freezing right now (no working furnace) and the thought of water on my bare skin makes me feel even colder!

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