Tell the story challenge: Come closer

My thanks to Rory of aguycalledbloke for tagging of my blog to take part in the Tell The Story Challenge’ …

She lurked in the dark crevices of mind

licking her wounds a many

she was hustled and jostled

heckled and jeered

hounded and jabbed

battered and bullied

buried alive in

a barrage of barbaric barbs

till she could take no more

she is out there now

looking for a prey

come closer

and she will devour you!

Now to play the Tell The Story Challenge is relatively simple, you must tag three people to participate and their role is to create a story or tale or poem or just a verse to support the image offered them as inspiration. I select the following three readers …

1. Jen

2. Jenna

3. Linda

This is the image.

19 thoughts on “Tell the story challenge: Come closer

      1. That’s the beauty of the unknowing isn’t it Punam – l never knew where mine was going to go either, l just thought, well what happens if l darken the tone and the mood? Then hey presto … 🙂

        I did like your piece and like me your imagination and gut instinct took you on the journey 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Splendid Punam, that’s brilliant – we have so much untapped creativity trapped inside our heads screaming to be let out – we just need to tap it occasionally 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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