Her magnanimous skin took to changes with equanimity

turning smooth as satin when caressed with passion

satiating with its burnishing glow

soft as butter when cuddled with affection

melting like her overflowing heart

its elastin expanding without a thought to the consequences

to accommodate a new life

accepting its orange peel feel with pride

turning hard as rhino’s hide when abused

cloaking her inner feelings

and not letting it cloud her clarity

never ever there any confusion

regarding the colours it had to don

the roles it had to play

a habit of a lifetime seeing it transition

from soft to hard, smooth to wrinkled

and sometimes black and blue

for it was meant only to give and expect nothing in return.

32 thoughts on “Chameleon

  1. This is truly excellent. You created such a vivid image of this skin, moulded, changed, at the mercy of life. The colors and textures so vibrant. And the ending…. expected to give and get nothing in return… powerful.
    I felt a layer of this poem was a commentary on the expectations and roles of women.
    Stunning poem Punam ❤️❤️

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    1. You have got to the heart of the poem, Rachel. I was thinking how our skin moulds to every phase of our life yet keeping our soul intact, most of the time. Thank you so much, my dear for your kind words always. ❤️❤️

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  2. The imagery is so vivid Punam…and you elavated the “discussion” on the role of a woman in different way….very brilliant and clever take of the prompts as well..

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  3. This is so profound .. . While I read it I felt maybe we all have a chameleon within …… everything about us changes depending upon the way we are treated

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  4. Hello Punam! I’ve been MIA but am back and so happy to read this layered poem of yours. Skin, like words and women, have so many functions. You’ve voiced them them beautifully and poignantly.

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  5. the beginning was as free flowing as the metaphors used, it does get assertive later, but assertive is what the chameleons need to be to be taken seriously.

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