To daughters

On the occasion of daughters’ day in India, I share the links of poems written for my daughter.





35 thoughts on “To daughters

  1. I enjoyed all three poems, depicting a growth in your thoughts and your daughter. Well written poems, all three of them. Most parents go through these phases, where ever in the world they are.

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  2. Oh Punam, I’ve read your 3 links, I am of no use to you at all, my life, only saw me be a step-father of one boy(he’s 53 now), he’s Carole’s lad, unfortunately, due to medical issues, stopped us having children…. I have a sister but she is 13 years younger, so I was already married during her teenage years…… I’m sure your daughter will grow into a wonderful lady like her mum, … Best wishes Punam xx

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    1. Don’t say that, Ivor! Your insights into life are so valuable and inspiring. I hope so too, that she will grow into a lovely lady. Thank you so much for reading all the poems.💙


  3. Punam, I read all three pieces, and see, hear and feel a poet- mother sighing and smiling while observing every single movement of her daughter. Three great pieces with tears, smiles, sighs and sigh of reliefs!! 🙂

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