The spectacle of heartbreak

Let’s not talk of the bodymap of heartbreak today

you will bring up that album of memories

containing sepia-toned momentary moments of joy

those halcyon days of young, carefree love

someone else will bring up those ribbon tied letters

musty, yellowing and falling apart

filled with protestations of passion in verse and prose

he will recount that tender, nebulous pain

that grips his heart and wakes him up after all these years

with a fierce longing in the middle of the night

she will talk of the fissures in the relationship

that are still too deep to be filled or bridged

yet she continues to hope for a happy ending

pain seems to be the leitmotif of all love stories

and has been recounted and done to death

But sadly happy love stories are not melodramatic

so let’s not discuss the boring stuff too!

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