Sea wife

The alarm is insistent

She shuts it with a slap

And turns around to snuggle in his arms

Rudely jolted into wakefulness by his absence

Reality hits like cold water

She is wide awake and lonesome

Loneliness seeps into her bones, making her shiver

He is far, far away

Navigating his vessel into the falling dusk

With only water for company as he keeps vigil.

As she prepares the kids’ breakfast

She wonders, “Is he missing me?”

Of course he is,

He had called last night

Like he does every night

Never to say this but she knows to decipher his pauses

That he misses her and the kids.

He worries how she will manage in his absence

Forgetting that she works

Like a well-oiled automaton when he is not around

School, sports, music classes, bank, groceries and job

Has been doing it for years now

Everything is taken care of.

Except her.

She misses him sitting across her as she has morning tea

Fighting over who would read the newspaper first,

Which now lies neglected in a corner.

She misses him in the kitchen

Wrapping his arms around her as she bent over the stove

She misses him in the evenings playing boisterously with the kids.

But most of all she misses him in the nights

When his presence made her feel safe and secure

And she could sleep like a baby.

Now she double checks all the doors and locks

And wakes up with a start every now and then.

It is not easy but at least she has the kids and is at home

She worries for him sailing on high seas

Into storms and bad weather

She can feel his frayed nerves

as at busy ports he deals with authorities, owners and the crew

She wishes she could wipe away the frown from his brow

As he steers through pirate infested areas

Or melt away his tiredness

as he keeps a vigilant watch on stormy nights.

It is hard but she draws solace from the fact that

In a month’s time he will be home

Hair more salt than pepper

Face more weather beaten than before

Worry lines etched deeper on the forehead

But the smile as radiant as ever more.

35 thoughts on “Sea wife

  1. Punam, does he read your poetry? This is such a touching tribute to your relationship. Sounds difficult for both of you. I’m imagining your joy when you see his smile again.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Don’t know where to start to convey how much this spoke to me. I am understanding now how my mum must have felt when my dad was away. You are stronger because of the other. I love how your articulate the bond you have. It’s rare and wonderfully inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gosh Punam. This has touched me so deeply, the raw honesty, the beautiful love, the romance, the aching yearning, the anxiety, the strength….. the love……

    This is just utterly beautiful, through and through. Hugs my friend ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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