Something changed that night

Cloaked under the endless inky canopy

bordered with countless crystal sparkles

a cool zephyr playing a haunting melody on guitar

with the moon accompanying on the piano

we sat side by side on the velvet grass

his fingers filling the gaps within mine

the gravity between us so strong and pulsating

our eyes speaking the language of our bodies

no words could have done justice

to the emotions and the passion we felt

something changed so irrevocably that night

as we gave in to the madness

and drank deep from each other’s soul

weaving dreams till dawn came and gently knocked

and I found myself all alone, abandoned

with crumpled promises lying strewn around

their softness leaving me bloodied and bruised

my guileless eyes stung with sand

at the sudden change in wind

and my mouth filled with sand, unable to scream

I sat there dry-eyed, mouth agape

my traitor heart ripped out cavalierly

the well of loneliness that is there in its place now

I drink from it and die sip by sip everyday.

44 thoughts on “Something changed that night

  1. Oh, that dawn that came and broke that powerful spell, weaved by the moonlit night. Heart wrenching and powerful words, this describes my reaction to them perfectly.
    “their softness leaving me bloodied and bruised”
    The pain is palpable.
    Love this Punam ❤️❤️

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  2. like a journey. but a journey it is, love that is, and the endings are tragic because we expect the magic of the moment to stretch beyond the momentary, beyond the minutes, hours, and days..resisting the idea that magic needs to reinvent itself to be sustainable.

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  3. This is a beautiful poem and a poignant poem. I think just about everyone has — at one time or another in their lives — been deceived by a prospective lover. But as I was reading this poem, the thought occurred to me the “deception” is not always intentional.

    At university, I was very attracted to a woman, Cathy, who came on to me for two or three days. At the time, I did not understand her excuse for breaking things off, but I now realize she was trying to tell me — in a bit too vague manner — that she had discovered I was not controlling, demanding enough for her tastes as a lover.

    However, to complicate things, she liked me as a friend. So she made an effort to stay friends. It only confused me to get Christmas and birthday presents from her, etc. I ended up thinking she was terribly manipulative when in fact she was not. What a mess!


    1. Thank you so much, Paul for sharing about Cathy. We don’t plan and fall in love. Sometimes we fall in love with a person who is all wrong for us. We feel cheated then. You are right, deception is not always intentional.

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  4. Oh my gosh, I’m stunned speechless yet again by your writing…the beauty, elegance, and power of emotions as described in an experience. You Rock!

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