I forgive you

Forgiving is not easy but I forgive you

All those years of putting up with your temper,

It has left scars, I’ll not hold it against you.

I thought my love would change you

But you were not ready to change

Forgiving is not easy but I’ll forgive you.

I was loyal and committed to you

You never trusted but called me names

It has left scars, I’ll not hold it against you.

Always raging against the world and me too,

Expecting me to fight your demons too

Forgiving is not easy but I forgive you.

Blaming others for the faults in you

Playing the victim while victimizing me,

It has left scars, I’ll not hold it against you.

No one is responsible for your life but you

But you used me as your punching bag,

Forgiving is not easy but I forgive you,

It has left scars, I’ll not hold it against you.

54 thoughts on “I forgive you

  1. To forgive isn’t easy.If you can then you are indeed strong.
    Beautifully expressed in words Punam.I bet many readers will relate to it including me😊
    You gave words to our pains today and also passed strength through your pen🤗

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  2. I’ve been in that type of relationship… Even my brother acts this way. It’s hard to forgive when so much pain is built up inside, but it’s better to forgive, understand why they are the way they are and move forward with greater insight. This really touched the soul, P.

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    1. I agree, it is very difficult to forgive some people but for our own well-being, we have to try. The pain doesn’t go away easily but one has to begin the process of healing from somewhere. Thank you so much, dear B.

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  3. I wish forgiving was easier…it’s been a confusing concept for me. As a Christian, I know the Bible commands that I forgive–and I’ve done it by my will, a million times over. But when something triggers the old wounds, it feels like I’ve not forgiven truly. For awhile I thought I’d figured it out: that the painful memories are completely separate from my earnest and sincere “forgiving by my will”/prayers (however you want to say it). So I remain confused…and broken within. Your poem is beautiful–of that I’m not confused 🙂 ❤

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  4. Is this a pantoum? Sorry, I don’t know that intricacies of different forms very well… but whatever type of form, the content is poignant. Forgiveness is not easy, but maybe sometimes the only way forward because the alternative…. I’m not sure what that does to you in the long run either. Brilliant poem Punam ❤️❤️

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    1. It is not a pantoum, Rachel. I am sorry I can’t recall what form it is!! I always make the mistake of not writing the name of the form along with the poem!
      Forgiveness is never easy and I don’t think one forgives completely ever. But then keeping all that hurt, anger etc is not good either. So one tries one’s best.
      Thank you so much, dear. ❤️❤️

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      1. The problem is, there are some things that scar irrevocably, and whether we forgive or not does not erase them. Love it how your poems make me think…

        Hope you’re having a lovely weekend ❤️❤️

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      2. I agree, Rachel. Writing about it is easy but the scars that remain are a harsh reminder of the pain and thus, perhaps, the process of forgiving is not complete. I admit I am hardly as noble as the poem sounds.
        I hope your weekend was wonderful too! ❤️❤️

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