इश्क/ Love

दरख्तों की बाहों में इठलाती हुई चाँदनी
वक्त की शाख पर इश्क का फूल खिला गई

गिरा जो इश्क-ए-फूल मेरे दामन में
इक आह सी निकली और रूह तलक पहुँच गई

होश ऐसे खोये कि न दिन का पता न रात की खबर
जुनून-ए-इश्क में मैं दिवानी हो गई

कतरा-कतरा पिघलता रहा मेरा दिल
इश्क की रोशन शमा बन मैं पल-पल खाक हो गई

उसको न खबर मेरे दिवानगी-ए- इश्क की
वो मजनूँ न बन सका पर मैं तो हीर हो गई

वो इश्क ही क्या जो अपने अंजाम पर पहुँचे
इश्क के स्याह समंदर में डूब कर चाँदनी फना हो गई।

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Moonlight revelling in the arms of trees
left blooms of love on the branches of time

A bloom fell into my arms
a sigh escaped the lips and touched my soul

I lost count of day and night
crazily-madly falling in love

Bit by bit my heart gradually melted
lighting love’s light I turned to ashes

He had no clue of the depth of my love
he couldn’t be a Romeo though I became an Isolde

Love is not love if it reaches culmination
moonlight drowns in the inky blackness of love.

47 thoughts on “इश्क/ Love

  1. this is absolutely brilliant, even though it is on the same topic of love that all ghazals are written on. And if I have to choose the best of the best, it would be the first two and the last two lines..not an angrez yet, the eng translation does no justice at all 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, dear! This is high praise indeed. ❤️
      The English translation cannot be as good because the thought came in Hindi. My Hindi teacher had very wisely advised,” हिंदी में लिखते वक्त हिंदी में सोचो। अंग्रेज़ी में सोच कर अनुवाद मत करो।”
      So when a thought strikes in Hindi, I write in Hindi and when a thought strikes in English, I write in English. Translation from English to Hindi also does no justice! 🙂

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  2. “I lost count of day and night”, and “I turned to ashes” are only 2 of the stunning bits in this piece. It reads like a stage play in the theater, with actors either silent or as an opera. I can totally lose myself in your poetry, Punam.

    Liked by 1 person

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