22 thoughts on “Trippy

  1. Sorry, for writing to you here on this older post, but I did want a little privacy. Regarding our conversaton on my blog.

    I am certain you have oticed I have a LARGE female following on my blog. Well, I struggle with coments for several reasons. On the days I post my email is full of emails from ladies too shy or
    afraid to comment on my blog. Of course, some are just married women wanting to talk to me,
    but n a very serious note, many are battered women in violent relationships. Some ladies are haunted by childhood abuse.

    These ladies ask me for advice. They confess their nightmares and many are afraid to dream. They share their stories. They share their pain.

    This series The Inspiring Women Of WordPress, is my attempt to introduce strong women. Perhaps, the weak can learn or draw courage from the strong. at the very least, it will give them the chance to make new friends. Friends who I hope will inspire them.

    So that is the real purpose of this series. Yes, it is a tribute to feminity. It is also a small attempt for me to inspire these hurting ladies.

    So whatever you feel, wantng to participate or not, I munderstand and accept.
    Thank you for your beautiful support opf me and my blog. I always treasure it.

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    1. Thank you, Andrew for reaching out.
      I admit, I am quite strong, in a happy relationship and have a positive outlook. If I can be of any help to even one person, I would do it unhesitatingly.
      So, my dear friend, in that case I have absolutely no objections to be featured on your blog. It would in fact, be an honour.
      And you, sir, continue to offer your immeasurably strong shoulders to these women who reach out to you. Good to know you are there for them. God bless you, Andrew.

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