Have you ever felt

helplessness and hopelessness

take control of your existence

no, not occasionally,

but every single day of your life

sticky and gooey; covering you from head to toe

seeping into your soul

have you ever been fed

a steady diet of disdain and insults

it tastes so bitter that your tastebuds die

and you can taste bile

topped by a cocktail of abuse and violence

a combination so potent

killing your appetite

that you never realise

you have slept on an empty stomach

have you ever been denied

even a scintilla, a smidgen of hope

to escape the life of drudgery

no chance of flight of freedom

if you have never felt like this

then you have no clue

how the marginalized live or feel

unseen, unheard and totally ignored

to exist on the very periphery of life

is worse than death itself.

39 thoughts on “Periphery

      1. Yes, the opioid crisis is stealing a generation from us. My niece still struggles out there, some where on the periphery 😒

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  1. This makes me think about how living as a ghost while alive hurts more than actually being a literal ghost. To know that you are simply looked through is so hurtful because you wish someone would notice you are physically there and silently screaming for love and help. It’s like life around you is going fast, but the life inside of you has taken a complete stop. This poem is so profound, Punam. Beautifully expressed and something I deeply relate to.

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  2. wow this just builds up and up, people who feel like this must indeed be on the periphery of life, and most likely beyond, I cannot help not being sad for them and also feel thankful for my life.

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      1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I have learnt from you that humility has no takers these days! One should blow one’s own trumpet.
        3G ka zamaana gaya! Add generosity and garrulity…5G ho jayega! 😎😎


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