A foolish notion

“Your religion or mine,” inflamed more passions

than a night together could have

we refused to meet halfway

and thus sworn enemies forever,

we set out to decimate not just each other

but everyone who seemed to be on the opposing side

I wish for one night,

only one,

we could have discarded religion like clothes

counted each others’ ribs

and run our hands over each others scarred hearts

then under the canopy of stars

that is neither your nor mine

in the soft moonlight that shines equally on us

had laid on the grass which does not protest

whether you step on it or I

and read out verses to each other from our scriptures

and marvelled at the beauty of similarity in difference

and buried forever the books that divided us

and saved us from religion

maybe then…

but I am a fool and this

a foolish notion!!

65 thoughts on “A foolish notion

  1. This is so powerful! As you know, I share with you the same ideas about this, but you have stated it so powerfully. So many fresh images.

    Alas! it’s a pity that sometimes the only humans who will listen are ourselves.

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  2. “the beauty of similarity in difference”

    That is the key to this entire piece and life itself. Our differences make us unique (and thus interesting). We all believe in a higher being, how we worship, what customs and traditions we have may be different, but it is still to a higher power.

    No reason for these differences to separate us or cause wars or hatred.
    No God preaches hate, violence, or prejudice. NO GOD.

    Excellent piece.

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  3. Wow. This speaks so powerfully to your wisdom and ability to put such beautiful phrases to such fundamental issues. If only we could see the similarities amongst us rather than the difference. I love this “counted each others’ ribs
    and run our hands over each others scarred hearts.” You have touched the core of so many things wrong with our world. Incredible Punam ❤️❤️

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    1. Thank you so much, Rachel. Religious pluralism is the hallmark of our country but there are still deep-rooted prejudices because of ignorance about each other’s religion. If only we could rise above these! Peace is so easy to achieve but we don’t give it a chance. Thanks once again, my dear. ❤️❤️

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      1. Prejudice runs deep it seems… and often people are so entrenched in their own beliefs they seem unable or unwilling to see beyond what fits with their own views. How people don’t put humanity, equality and compassion at the forefront, rather than religious dogma or resentment I don’t completely understand. I always thought that my own country was relatively peaceful in this regard… until there was that terrible attack at a mosque here earlier this year, and I saw that I was naive to think that we were free of religion based hatred.
        I must say, I would love to sit down and listen to your thoughts on these things. You are a wealth of knowledge. I will have to visit India one day, I’ve always wanted to! ❤️❤️

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      2. The religious dogma is the reason I have become a sceptic. If being religious means harbouring prejudices against others, I am certainly better off without a religion. Humanity is in any case above all and I am a believer in that.
        It would be wonderful, Rachel, to sit with you and have discussions on wide ranging topics for you are such a sensitive soul. You must visit India, would eagerly wait for that day. ❤️❤️

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      3. It is a lot of the reason why I’m not very religious either Punam. Although honestly, sometimes I wouldn’t mind a bit of blind faith.

        One day, dear friend, perhaps you’ll find me on your doorstep. And what a day that would be!! (Prob with children in tow 😂).

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