You were always the Mr. Perfectionist ; ordered and meticulous

but the day you left, you were in such a hurry

that you remembered only to pry away your heart from me,

that you also took away my heart, is of no consequence,

my heart any way was of no use to me

as it was meant to beat only for you (but I digress)

I find signs of you scattered all around

in folded laundry, crammed drawers,

old shoe boxes and the medicine cabinet

the raw hole beneath my ribs where your heart resided

has become a cesspool of aching memories

every time a thought gets snagged on its jagged edge

I begin to unravel…

the unfulfilled dreams still smolder somewhere in my eyes

the unkept promises hang in limbo arms akimbo

unquantifiable desires burn my skin with crackling reminiscences

unrequited love is such a cruel monster

it refuses to heed my plaintive cries for release

knowing you has become such a conundrum for me

whether I continue to hate you or love you

you are always with me

under my skin, in my thoughts

invading every space I inhabit

I await my release.

67 thoughts on “Separation

  1. Dramatically piercing, and these 4 lines, I felt rattle through my empty heart…….
    ” you are always with me
    under my skin, in my thoughts
    invading every space I inhabit
    I await my release.”

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  2. I think Ivor got this one spot on when he described it as “piercing”. Maybe you have to go through a break up with a long term lover to fully appreciate how poignant doing the laundry or opening the medicine cabinet can afterwards be, but your poem, Punam, does an excellent job of capturing that!

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  3. interesting write up on the prompts, which come a bit too late, but then unrequited love has been given the license to go overboard, in literature that is 🙂
    on the other hand, these lovers never seem to be trying hard for their release, as in the case here

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      1. those who dont write, sing, badly! and not in the shower. I will stop writing as soon as I fall in love, as some people I know have done, with the daily prompts 🙂

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      2. Singing badly would be worse, I think!
        Some people have stopped writing after falling in love with daily prompts and you plan to fall in love with daily prompts???
        Sorry, I seem to be suffering from Tuesday slowdown! 😅


  4. This is a feeling I know all too well. It’s truly like being in an emotional prison and hoping to be freed one day. Really love this poem, Punam. 🙂💕

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