Equality mumbo-jumbo

In the hierarchy of everything

social to religious, political to domestic

I am always given the short shrift

ain’t I a woman, I am chided

I have no rights in the scheme of things

the advocates of equality

gloss over everyday inequalities

calling them minor blips

when I raise my voice, I am gently

but decisively reminded

disturbing the serene albeit

murky waters of status quo

will leave me sullied and muddied

but they don’t know

I have never shied from getting my hands dirty.

63 thoughts on “Equality mumbo-jumbo

  1. Everyday inequalities… you are so right. I love these lines:

    disturbing the serene albeit
    murky waters of status quo

    Everybody seems to find those waters much easier to navigate. Challenging the status quo… much more tumultuous…

    Nice one my friend ❀️❀️

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  2. the advocates of equality
    gloss over everyday inequalities…these lines really got to me, so TRUE. And the whole bit about “raise my voice”…wow, you’ve really nailed this one!

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  3. equality was always a misnomer, there will always be the oppressors and the oppressed, and then there would be people getting their hands dirty. Inequality gifts a purpose to life, a trigger to evolve, the ones who dont will get eliminated, eventually

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      1. Developing a new taste is an essential part of friendship, btw I am ok with anything that has alcohol, or maybe we should start with some platonic pinot noir

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  4. This makes me think about how people are quick to say they support a cause, but are the last ones getting in line to do something about it. Change takes action and few are willing to step up and challenge the norms of society. I love this poem, Punam! It shows you have courage to point out the flaws in the system and say “we need change”.

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  5. it requires massive time and effort, the frustration is endless … so I lead by example!
    Biggest bug is the miserly wages for same and often better work …expected to do all the cleaning, childcare etc etc etc The laws around DV, rape and incest are prehistoric .. made by men for men etc etc

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  6. My mom once told me that even if I become the prime minister of India some day my in laws will still treat me inferior to everyone in their family.And the sole reason is because I am a woman

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