You may come, but…

before you cross the threshold and enter my home

leave your mealy- mouthed platitudes by the doorstep

wipe that look of fake abject humility from your face as you wipe your feet

and drop that pseudo hushed tone too

there will be no photo-ops inside

I can very well do without your commiseration in my hour of grief

but luckily for you I was brought up with values

that I am loath to give up even for a low-down scumbag like you

you may posture as much as you like outside my door

but once you enter, do not pollute my sanctum sanctorum

curb your proclivity to spew your sugar laced venom

there is a whole lot of people out there sitting on their haunches

eager to lap up your drivel and never suffering from reflux

better keep this visit short
for the sake of your so-called respectability

for profanities would be clawing at the back of my throat for release.

56 thoughts on “You may come, but…

  1. whoa! this just went up and up the hill, both in terms of rage and leaving nothing to chance. I pray for the subject it is addressed to, not that it seems to be deserving it.

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    1. Rage is like that, na…slowly reaching the simmering point! Don’t worry about the subject/subjects…this rage has been building up for a long time against quite a few. But my vitriol is limited to spewing anger on paper.

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  2. You may come, but… If you do, know that there is an incredibly articulate woman, poised to unleash venom of the sugar-laced variety. Shape up or ship out, mate. Brilliant Punam. This is indeed beautifully laced, and so powerful! πŸ’›πŸ’œ

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