RIP, my beloved

Our affair started in school at a young age

I was so enamoured that I wanted to keep

you close all the time, never letting you out of sight

you became my mentor, my partner in crime,

the instrument that opened my heart

with you by my side, I became an intrepid warrior

slaying with words those who differed with me

you left your marks on me; blue and black

that was in my opinion a small price to pay

our togetherness was termed messy and undesirable

but the spark that you ignited in me

has made me a poet today

and we stayed together despite the obstacles and criticism

glimpses of our time together

can be found in my prized journal

now age has finally caught up with you

lately things have not been too good between us

I can scarcely decipher our cacography

as I embrace new technology

it is time to lay you to rest, dearest pen

rest in peace my beloved

I have found your replacement in the keyboard!

For the past couple of months I have been taking a break from writing on the weekends. But I promised to write on my pen to someone. This is for you Manessah! It was supposed to be a fun, life changing post inspired by my chat with you. (you must read her hilarious post here). But then I became sentimental. The truth is my pen did change my life! Hope you still enjoy it.

73 thoughts on “RIP, my beloved

  1. Oh I absolutely LOVE this poem, Punam!! I love how you described how things were a bit messy with you two and how it sometimes left you black and blue! Really clever and so true about the ink that flows from the pen! But it’s also a touching story of the humble beginnings of a poet and, of course, with the changing of times you found a nice replacement: something a little less messy, can come wireless or wired, and doesn’t require our fingers to get messy… though they can get a nice little workout from all the typing! Lol. 😄 Love the twist at the end and I am humbled and smiling so hard from this beautiful post, my friend! Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us! 💕

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      1. You are too kind, my dear friend! Thank you!! I’m so sorry for responding late to your comment. Life called and I had to answer. Lol. My apologies. I hope you’ve been well, Punam! Enjoy your day when it comes!! 🤗❤️

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  2. Aww, a lovely tribute to your pen Punam – I’m not ready to say goodbye to my old faithful yet …

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  3. The keyboards have indeed taken over, now writing even a line with pen feels like an effort. You made me miss a fountain ink pen I had, named(by its makers) Julie 😍

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  4. I love pens and still keep an assortment in various places. It’s my favorite souvenir as well. I don’t think the keyboard could ever fully replace the trusty pen, IMO! You’ve written a spectacular piece here!

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