Outrageously overdressed metaphors

masquerading as surreal images

line blank pages after pages

strutting saucily as if on a catwalk

shining gaudily in profanity

bizzarely thinking it would sanctify

the blasphemous thoughts they were harbouring

believing fervently in this carefully constructed chimera

the urge to be in the limelight so strong

ignoring common sense tapping at the elbow

the fear of simplicity, of ordinary

forcing them to take cover

in the euphemistic poetic devices

clouding the truth in layers of balderdash.

30 thoughts on “Bestseller

  1. the bane of poets and philosophers, so beautifully expressed that I itch to join in and say that the brilliance of the swinging tassels that go with the ostentatious words these great people parade to obfuscate their lack of understanding, usually ends up lighting the minds of the readers who long for sophistication. and the ones who know the answers, express it without the fanfare thereby making it seem too trite to be heeded.

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      1. thanks, but better than your poem, no it is not. lets be objective and agree on simplicity, it is a difficult feat though because most of our ideas don’t come with accompanying words, ineffable as they say. You do a good job of it when you dont get carried away with the prompts.

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      2. Ahh! I guess that is in addition to the poet you, movie critic you, story writer you, essayist you, romantic you, waiting for godot you…
        Next time we are in conversation, please remind me which ‘you’ I am talking too so that there is no faux pas.

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