It begins as a whisper

a nudge, a gentle probe

then the susurration increases

a volley of queries unleashed

finally it is a herd of elephants let loose

causing a stampede trampling the mind

with questions and more questions

doubting, inquiring, interrogating and cross-examining

their intent often a suspect

till mind imploding under the

pressure of these doubting Thomases

turns into confetti scattered all over

answers often not forthcoming

frightened and paralyzed

under this relentless barrage

till one bold orphan reply pipes up in a tremulous voice

thus shocked, the shamefaced questions slink away to hide.

46 thoughts on “Questions

  1. great buildup, like stampede in lion king. but this might as well be the lament of the one with no answers, and a wishful exit towards the end.

    Liked by 1 person

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