One day in the life of a mother

It’s 3.00 p.m, she sits in the kitchen

chopping vegetables methodically and mechanically

her tea sitting neglected and undrunk

a faraway look in her eyes as she ruminates

the transition had not been smooth but was necessary

the decision making had been left to her

she did not regret she chose her brood over career

but today some random thoughts make her feel antsy

her resentment rises like bile, choking her

shocked at such un-motherly thoughts

she takes a tub of ice cream out of the freezer to them

smothering them with hugs and kisses

to assuage her guilt-stricken conscience

seeing unadulterated pleasure in their eyes, her eyes brim with tears

who ever said motherhood was easy!

50 thoughts on “One day in the life of a mother

  1. Absolutely, no one said motherhood was easy and for those that say it is must not be a mom! So many hard decisions that we second guess over on many occasions. I adore being a mom and would not trade this life for any other, even on the days when I pray for a moment alone without hearing my name😂😂

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  2. You are on a roll with the hard-hitting posts dear friend. The guilt that goes hand in hand with motherhood can be so intense…. And often unfounded. Generally we just do our best but at the end of the day even mum’s are human too… And children often don’t see the reason behind the kisses and icecream they are just super grateful for the kisses and icecream! ❤️❤️

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  3. Quilt is a complex feeling… I used to have many episodes of guilt while caring for Carole….. wishing to be free of the task, and to be living my own life……… but joy of her smiles keep me loyal and true………

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  4. stunning powerful writing, you are indeed on a roll … parenting is the toughest job on earth .. if there was a right way it would have been published and circulated by now … hang in there for more hugs and kisses ❤

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    1. Parenting is tough if one bears in mind the fact that they are raising the next generation to take care of mother earth and carry forward ethical values. If only motherhood was not deified and we could make small mistakes without guilt.
      You are right, hugs and kisses make it so worthwhile! Thank you so much Kate. ❤️

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  5. I am always being asked how can I give up being a doctor.I always say I chose being a mother to an autistic kid over being a doctor.But people still don’t understand.And that makes me uneasy.But as you said once I look at my kids I just ignore all those questions 😊

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