In a not so distant past

kindness was a fair dinkum emotion

these days people take umbrage

if you are kind to them

or call them kind

humility is another much maligned trait

I guess in this, in your face age,

when your belief in self

is the route to success

kindness and humility are seen as

a weakness, a lack of self confidence

so I wear a mask,

have a public facade of nonchalance

‘cos the repercussions of being vulnerable

are too brutal to bear

I would rather be a part of the pack;

being different is so lonely.

46 thoughts on “Misfit

  1. you touch on a sensitive subject, being accepted and welcomed, its a pack mentality but we humans need that so much don’t we, so beautifully said Punam

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      1. i thought it was a youthful stage to want that acceptance yet the longing lingers till we are old and gray! love your thoughts dear Punam

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  2. all said above, they are real inner strength and plastic people fear that … be yourself!

    I’m different and most can’t cope but those that know me have a loyal friend for life πŸ™‚

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