Through the prism of distance

the past seemed awash in rainbow hues

the spectacles of adoration firmly on my nose

imparted it a golden glow

doused in nostalgia

I visited my childhood home

with a heart too overjoyed and buoyant

like a beauteous butterfly bobbing

I entered to the sound of giggles from the past

soothing images flitted by

like a camera on slow shutter speed

joyously I trailed fingers along the kitchen wall

to pull back in dismay and shock

finding traces of blood on them

I blinked hard to get rid of the image

but it was stuck between the eyelids like grit

bewildered and broken I entered my old room

to be comforted by the sight of my writing desk

only to be hit in the solar plexus

to see a younger-self cowering under the bed

echoes of harsh words followed me

as I ran down the steps

teetering on the edge of sanity

I locked the door with a heart weighed down with confusion

and heard faint whispers of tender words of love

suddenly I had the strangest epiphany

retracing steps to relive memories

may not always be a good idea.

48 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. This one is longer and livelier, I love the way you write about memories, taking the readers along and then you end it logically. I guess it is these endings that we need to master when we go on these bittersweet paths.

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  2. yes all too often we block out the tough times .. our memory protecting us!

    This is so well written, so realistic and resonates deeply … took me years to get there ❀

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  3. Memories are a part of us which we can neither bring back to life or erase them completely.It’s okay to think about bad ones but also not to forget the good times we have had😊

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