I have felt love

it is like a whiplash

across the heart

making it beat

ever so fast

then it ensconces

in an embrace so warm

I have touched love

it is like touching

a live wire emitting sparks

it electrifies

and makes dance

every nerve ending

raising goosebumps

with its tenderness

I have tasted love

sweet and sour

like a tangerine

sometimes with

a bitter aftertaste

it leaves me satiated

but hungry all the same

wanting for more

But you, my dear,

play with love

toying with it

and then discarding

it with disdain

like a bored child

throws away a toy

its newness worn out.

43 thoughts on “Love

  1. whiplash, live wire, tangerine, not a pink glorious picture you are drawing here, but nothing would justify it being toyed with, not even if it’s Monday morning.

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      1. Lol Love can be any colour one wants! Yup, we go with the ‘glorious’! It is glorious as long as it lasts. The one who toys always has reasons but for the one who is toyed with, those are justifications.


      2. Regrets are a part of life and a seer had not too long ago pointed out life without regrets is pointless!
        If you regret something and don’t repeat it, the forever scheme has a smooth run till the finish.

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  2. Loved this. You have Beautifully described love. The feelings are so hard to describe, but your do resonate. And the ending is a stark reality. That truly shows the ‘love’ of present time.

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  3. I didn’t really side with the beginning when you likened it with whiplash, but then you wrote this:
    “it leaves me satiated

    but hungry all the same

    wanting for more”

    That’s love for me alright πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š

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  4. This poem speaks to some universal truths, in my opinion. It is both well-written and insightful.

    Twenty or so years ago, I noticed that a friend of mine would first begin complaining about the romance leaving her relationship, then break up with whoever she was with. This happened again and again during the time I knew her. One day I pointed out to her that romance never lasts forever — not the heady kind. She was shocked and immediately went into denial, “But it must! Otherwise there is no point to love”.

    That was the first time I became aware of the fact that many of us want romance, and only romance in our lives. Of the three kinds of love Helen Fisher identified as having their own circuits in the brain, romance is often the least permanent.

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  5. Ahh I missed this, I have been missing in transit last few days! This is such a delicious love poem, just beautiful. And as for emojis, whatever or how many I give, I mean to say, I love your poetry, and I appreciate your friendship no end. β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ§‘β€οΈ

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