Beyond the stars

The earthly endeavours keep us too busy

you are tied to your job, I, to housekeeping

the everyday ordinariness robs magic

from what was supposed to be

a life of tempests, sublimity and passions

ennui was never a part of the promises we made

so I have taken upon myself

to book us at the astral camp

where we can move beyond the prosaic

to something that truly embodies

what we mean to each other.

71 thoughts on “Beyond the stars

      1. That’s the thing, sometimes a thing becomes a ‘thing’ and then you can’t but not do it without feeling like it’s a ‘thing’ not to…. hows that for philosophical!

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      2. very philosophical, the new subscribers to the ‘thing’ follow it most religiously, even though they are the ones with most doubts about it

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      3. the ones who forfeit that comfortable numbness which comes with blind faith in the accepted norms have always been short of hearts

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      4. It is definitely a minefield at times and I assure you I would be more judicious about distributing hearts in real life. But here, it seems just right. So here you go! 😀❤️


      1. Ok not a romantic, since you insist 😀 I might have surprised you with a romantic write, some say there are traces of romanticism still left in me

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      2. haha closet romantic, I like it. There is hope after all..
        realists on the other hand are highly evolved romantics who start seeing romance even in the most mundane, the unromantic evolve to become nihilists.

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      3. yeah right, now instead of Godot I have to wait for soulmate. a big help you are. loved the poem though, it shines with the typical Punam brightness.

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      4. Thank you for acknowledging that I am a great help…I am a very helpful soul, you know… 😂😂
        Ah! You mean the soft glow of the moon, not the dazzling brightness of the sun! Thank you. 😊💖

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