Blast from the past

The wanton ghosts from the past are incorrigible

they always arrive unannounced

giving me no time to prepare

to arm myself with indifference

to not let them touch or jostle me

to disallow their very existence

they are fleet-footed and agile

occupying every inch of my mind space

hectoring and tormenting simultaneously

when they finally leave, after toying with me

I am in an even greater mess than I usually am!


40 thoughts on “Blast from the past

  1. Solid Work; Well captured. Salute!
    I, too, (like everyone, I guess) have those same occasional hauntings; and now that I’m older and can see more clearly that I (probably) won’t live forever, I get the occasional visits from the Future Hobgoblins (who aren’t much better than their cousins).

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    1. Thank you so much, Ron. This certainly means a lot to me. I agree, as we age, not just the past but the future ‘hobgoblins’
      make sure that we don’t enjoy our present.


      1. Yeah I am learning, but the more you live the more ghosts you make. Regrets are two edged swords, for it’s a pointless life if you have no regrets. More often than not, regrets are beneficial.

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      2. That’s true…by the time one bids goodbye to the world, one has a houseful of ghosts!
        Ooh! That bit about life being pointless without regrets is deep! Chote- mote regrets are beneficial but those that cause irreparable losses, haunt forever…I can say that from my own experience.

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      3. I think I was not very clear… I meant we have regrets about things that have irrevocably changed the course of our life, and not in a good way…those really haunt!
        You are right though, whatever I do, you can do better! 😂

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