False dreams

I was mesmerised by the extravaganza

of the raibow hued dreams

that you beguilingly spun

my eyes a receptacle of the

brilliant colours you mixed

each colour branding various parts of me

and I happily became your canvas

alas! the colours were not fast

some bled, some faded away

I am now an unrequited, discoloured rag

cast aside with disdain

let me disabuse you of the notion

that I am now moribund

if only you had seen

beyond my satin smooth skin

you might have noticed my spine of steel

I was resolute when I loved you against all odds

I am resolute about taking care of myself.

47 thoughts on “False dreams

  1. I love this reminder to not forget about ourselves when in the midst of a relationship. The colors others have may dazzle us but we can’t forget the beauty we inherently hold. Wonderfully written!

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