Fake news

I find myself hungry

despite the glut

of news on offer

authenticity lacking

in a race for TRPs and

pleasing political bosses

I am bombarded

from all sides by the social media

updating me about

the entire universe’s shenanigans

I suffer a meltdown

when all I see around

is hatred, untruth and deceit.

57 thoughts on “Fake news

  1. The truth is a big part of the audience also subscribes to a specific brand of news. They choose to feed themselves things they want to hear.

    However, I believe we are getting smarter and more perceptive of different narratives. I believe we are moving beyond noisy, meaningless debates and hate news media which only sees the world in black and white.

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  2. I find myself clicking on it too and I wonder why I do it – I know it is wrong and just marketing to those that want something like that fakeness to believe in and then I get angry too. Great poem!

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    1. First of all I must apologise for the delay in response. I fished out your comment from the spam today!! Thank you so much, Robyn. I guess we are guilty of doing it even though we know it is wrong.

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  3. I remembered back in my country when the Senate conductes an investigation/probe over the proliferation of fake news in our country affecting mostlt the credibility of our goverment leaders..imagine such a waste of money (senators, et. at have additional pay for special hearings like this)

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  4. I find myself hungry

    despite the glut

    of news on offer

    these 3 lines have so much power and clarity, fake news incites hatred and provokes humans to be so unreasonable. i tend to stay away from news reports, call me uninformed but i rather be ignorant, it is bliss. this poem is one of my favourites from you now

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