Make believe

You go through an elaborate charade

like a consummate actress

to hide the ugly truth

makeup, scarves, huge sunglasses

and full-sleeved clothes

you convince yourself that

it was always your own fault

and are grateful that he takes care of you

that he always has your interest at his heart

and the assault and the battery is well-deserved

for you brought it upon yourself

when you misbehaved

no one loves you as much as he does

you repeat like a litany

as you cry yourself to sleep.

56 thoughts on “Make believe

  1. Such truth for those living with domestic violence. Abuse on any level is not acceptable. This poem is a powerful depiction of the thoughts that plague the minds of those both affected and effected.

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  2. it’s difficult to evaluate what we deserve, mostly because it is difficult, as we were discussing yesterday to judge ourselves with some leeway

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  3. You always do justice to prompt words by using them in the best ways.Abuse of any kind is unacceptable but this is one more aspect to that and I am glad you put forth that in your poem

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  4. Your writing on social issues is so on point. This one had me holding my breath. DV is heartbreaking and insidious – this poem paints that picture in subtle strokes.

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