58 thoughts on “Lifesong

  1. What a way to describe life Punam – karaoke…Filipinos love karaoke; a party wouldnt be a party without karaoke and i think every household owns a karaoke machine..at least most

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  2. On tune, Punam 👍

    “One of these days
    and it won’t be long
    going down to the valley
    and sing my song
    Sing it loud
    and sing it strong
    Let the echo decide
    if I was right or wrong”
    ~ Bob Dylan

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      1. We always want a better karaoke system but never try to fine tune and adjust the one given to us! Once we do that our cacophony will turn to euphony!
        By the way, why don’t you share a clip of your singing and let the listeners decide.

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      1. Well said! I don’t think many of us can argue with that — although not so many people stay as true to themselves as you do. At least, from what I can see, you do.

        As it happens, I am writing a book on authenticity that will be coming out in about a year. I am discovering that writing a book is about seven parts research and three parts writing. That surprised me.

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      2. I do try to stay true to myself, though sometimes I do fail.
        Writing a book is quite daunting and I think if one wants to remain true to the topic, it does entail a lot of research.
        By the way, I posted the translation to my Hindi poem. You can read it now.


      3. I don’t think any of us can always be true to ourselves. I am not sure such a thing would be desirable.

        If you are willing, Punam, I would like to email you the cover art for my book. I am curious what you might think of it. If you would like to see it, just contact me at audacious.muses@mail.com . I will send the cover art along to you. But please do not feel obligated to take an interest in it. It’s perfectly alright if you do not.

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