That night when we reached a dead end

you were obdurate and I, adamant

I should have walked out then

I did step out, to clear my mind

a purposeless meander turned into a hike

and I came back to fall into your arms

for that is the most natural thing for me

is there now poetic justice that

you have decided not to return

if only I had stuck to my original plan

I could have had the upper hand

but then my heart has always been

more vulnerable than thine.

(Please note this is a work of fiction)

48 thoughts on “Vulnerable

      1. Okay. Now, I know my blurred vison is out of control. Now, I am responding to the the wrong comments. LOL

        Apologies,. I cant’ stop laughing.

        Very sorry for the error. Please, forgive me.
        How embarrassing.

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    1. You are right, some refuse to be ruled by the heart.
      The disclaimer was necessary with this one because a couple of very good and well meaning friends might begin to worry that there is something wrong in my paradise. This is just to assure them that all is well. πŸ˜€

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  1. It’s hard to tell who the β€œwinner” is in this one…love the story that unfolded although I would think the heart that is left is the stronger, less vulnerable one than the one that does the leaving.

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  2. i smiled at the disclaimer at the end, to avoid unnecessary questions i suppose, may i borrow this for future? the poem was a story to me, after a walk things do look different, we need time to process, beautifully constructed Punam

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