Listless, I stare into the gloaming

lost in my thoughts

the cool breeze is a balm to my fevered body

and the drizzle, nectar for my parched soul

through the curtain of shimmering diamanté

I espy a solitary figure yonder

is it the one I have been waiting for,

the one who makes me feel alive

or just a will-o’-the- wisp

ephemeral and elusive

a beautiful but heartbreaking dream

that leaves shards of longing I bleed upon

with a sigh I go back inside

to my solitude and lonely reality.

44 thoughts on “Reality

  1. Sometimes, it’s nice to let the heart rule, as long as it does not hurt us too much, and doesn’t completely overrun our sensibilities for too long. I love the imagery and language you use in this poem, the heart makes for beautiful poetry ❤️❤️

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