आजकल बारिश / Rain, these days

आजकल मुसलसल बारिश नही होती

शायद कुछ नाराज है

बादल भी गरज कर

कहीं और निकल जाते हैं

मुझे अब भीगने से भी कोफ्त होने लगी है

धुएँ और सीमेन्ट की बदबू

अंदर कहीं गहरे पैठ जाती है

वह सौंधापन न जाने कहाँ गया

कुछ धुला-धुला नजर नही आता

जगह-जगह गंदगी के ढेर फोड़ों से रिसते हैं

आजकल न जाने क्यों

किश्तियों के खेल अच्छे नही लगते

जब कभी बारिश होती है

मेरे मन से रिसाव होता है।


These days it doesn’t rain continuously

I think it is perturbed about something

Clouds too, rumble and thunder

And go elsewhere

I dislike getting wet these days

The smell of smoke and cement

lingers on inside me

I can no longer smell the petrichor

Everything seems to acquire a greyish tinge

One can find mounds of garbage

oozing like septic boils

Somehow playing with paper

boats doesn’t entice me any longer

These days whenever it rains

I can feel my heart seeping with pain.

(Another poem from the college diary)

41 thoughts on “आजकल बारिश / Rain, these days

    1. Lol ESP! I promise it was written then. If my handwriting was not abysmally bad, I would have shared a snapshot here. Remember I told you some of it was angst-ridden.


  1. Thank you for sharing this poem with us Punam my dear! This is how I feel sometimes during the rainy season here in Florida when it doesn’t seem to want to let up..it make one feel a little melancholy. 😘😊❤️🤗 Have a beautiful weekend my dear!💞

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, how the built world has petrified and lingered in our soul, and the natural world is changing, battling on. A soulful and heartfelt poem.


  3. I dunno how many years back it was written but it is true for today too and the situation is worse😞
    I wish you start writing more Hindi/urdu poetry now too☺️
    BTW this poem definitely made an influence in Mumbai

    Liked by 1 person

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